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Spinal Decompression and Spinal Fusion Surgery

Mauji Bhai Patel(from Kenya)-who came to Nagpur- India For getting both his knees replaced. Dheeraj Bojwani and Mr Patel On the 2nd day after his surgery. This surgery was done at very low rates-as a philanthropic activity. Mr Patel was unable to bear the complete cost of the surgery and was sponsored by a NRI club in Kenya. My all best wishes with them.

Brad Watson-who was in India for a Himalayan trekking camp from his school. He had a bad fall from a tree and faced hemi-paralysis due to Spinal Compression.

He was immediately brought to Delhi Apollo Hospital-India where he was operated for spinal decompression and spinal fusion. The complete emergency medical treatment was arranged by Dheeraj Bojwani and Forerunners Healtcare. Back Home in Canada he is currently undergoing rigorous Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Programmes.His father writes to us from Cananda-

Dear Dheeraj-I have showed the MRI reports to the Blue Ridge Orthopedics-and they have told me that if immediate action was not taken on Brad after his freak fall-he could have faced lifelong paralysis.I am very greatful and Thankful to you for being so prompt and quick. Brad is our only son.He is showing stady progress and I am sure he will be totally normal in near future.

Brad Watson

Okonkwo Nnamdi- from Nigeria who was treated for Herniated Disc. He was treated by the Laser Discectomy Spine Surgery and was mobile just on the next day of the surgery.He came to India with his parents .He is 22 year old college student.He stayed in India for only 4 days and is back to all his routine activities without any backpain.

Dear Dheeraj Bojwani - You are Godsend to my life. Thank you so much for the guidance you have given us-cant expect better.I had thought my life was finished .It began as a minor pain after a football game and just within a week I was down with such severe pain. Our country does not have the medical Infrastructure like in India.

The Hospitals are in a dilapidated condition.I request you and your company-Forerunners Healthcare to come and help the people of my country.

Best Regards and Sincerest Thanks to you and Forerunners Healthcare

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