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Breast Reduction Surgery India

I have been trying for six years to undergo breast reduction in the United Kingdom. Initially I was told there was an NHS waiting list and that was the last I heard until 18months ago when I again visited the doctors, who confirmed in their opinion I required a reduction. However, after having to chase up what was happening I was eventually informed that there was no money available in the area Health Trust Fund covering my area and none would be available in the foreseeable future.

I had read positive reports regarding surgery in India and researched the possibility of undergoing the surgery there. The cost being approximately 1/4 of that in the UK.

I chose the India for its reputation and surgeons which is geared specifically to making everything run as smoothly as possible, including arranging shopping/sightseeing travel and accommodation in India. My partner was able to stay in the same room as me; the room was comfortable and spacious.

I had chosen the internationally renowned Surgeon for the surgery and the consultations, tests, etc. were all arranged by him and his staff. Although I was apprehensive all the hospital staff took great pains to make me as comfortable as possible and make my stay enjoyable. Everybody was very attentive to my needs from both the domestic and medical side.

The food is not a problem as you are provided with a daily menu with options of Indian and English cuisine. The catering manager and his staff are only too willing to help with diet. The nursing staffs are all very pleasant, attentive and ready with a smile and words of re-assurance. There is no language barrier and I would have no reservations in recommending this well managed and friendly hospital to anybody seeking surgery in India.

Thanks to Forerunners Healthcare for everything. Your professionalism gave me the confidence to commit to surgery in India. It was top class. I have very subtle and fantastic results. The whole experience was extremely professional and amazing. Something that I would advocate for anyone sat in a stagnant NHS waiting list.

Trinity Cook

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