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Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure in India

I am a 59 year old US male who had been diagnosed with a "bone on bone" situation in my right hip. My US orthopedic doctor recommended that I get hip replacement surgery; the cost would be $25,000 - $35,000.Further, he recommended that I would need to stop snow skiing, an activity I have actively participated in for the last 40+ years. Of course, I was not concerned about the US doctors solution what I needed was to find a better medical solution to my problem.

First, Its pretty obvious that the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure is a more modern and effective .Second, If you go to India you can get this procedure done for almost 1/5 what it would cost to have it done in the US and 1/2 of what they charge for the BHR procedure in Europe. After searching the internet I found out Forerunners Healthcare Consultants doing this surgery for many years. I contacted Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and received a very positive reply. I had BHR surgery on my right hip with through Fly2india4health Consultants, India. Since the operation I am doing excellent. At this point I am very glad that I have done it.

Yesterday I went for a 2 mile walk with cane with no ill effects. I will start snow skiing after a month as advised by doctor. Best of all I have paid for the whole darn thing with the money I did not give to an insurance company. I will be outsourcing my future medical needs to India. These people are kind, attentive, and they know their medical stuff; I recommend that my fellow people in the US and elsewhere do the same.

Robert Bennett

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