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Knee Replacement in India

Having been home a few days now I can get my thoughts together and give my heartfelt thanks for all the help and encouragement I got from Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. Obviously there was a certain amount of trepidation going to what has a reputation of being a third world country for a major operation like knee replacement , having received the type of treatment which I would think only the Royal family would receive in this country I wonder which is the third world country. From the organization arranged by your good self to absolutely first class attention at the hospital and the service of doctors and his wonderful team all of whom spoke English, the nursing was one to one and my well being was their only concern.

The operation has been a complete success and from the time of leaving the i.c.u. I’ve not stopped walking completely unaided; the freedom this has given me is immeasurably. The friendliness from everyone from consultant to ancillary workers was amazing. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani has even given us his personal telephone number in case we have any worries after we got home, and has asked that we keep in touch and let him know my progress. Obviously I would hope never to have to repeat the experience, but would have no hesitation in giving encouragement to anyone else thinking of taking this major step..

Natalie Lewis

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