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My only regret is that I waited so long! Naturally, I was afraid. It is a huge decision to change your facial appearance. It all comes down to what you are willing to do about the way you look. Weighing the difference between the fear of plastic surgery, versus the depression of looking old. For me, it became unbearable to look in the mirror. I was foolishly abusive to my skin years ago. I never thought about sun damage or what cigarettes would do to my face until it was too late. There are no creams or lotions that can hide these damaging signs of age.

I felt like a young person trapped inside of an old man’s face. I’m only 45 years old, yet I looked like I was at least 55 years old. A friend at work recommended that I should "shop around" for the right doctor to perform the procedure. For the next 3 years I laid the foundation, researching and interviewing doctors determined to find the perfect doctor for me. Credentials, professional history, and published research documents all repeatedly led to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani. And when I entered Forerunners Healthcare’s website I knew I'd found exactly what I was looking for.

I chose to go through Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani because of the way he made me feel. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani immediately made me feel at ease. I felt that he mostly understood what I wanted and me. His sense of caring and understanding was genuine and personal. I wasn't just another routine potential patient. I sensed he was sure of himself and what he could do for me. He was able to assure me that my results would be very rewarding. I feel very comfortable with him and I am so thankful for what he has done for me. It is as if he turned back the clock for me. He has virtually given me a second chance. The level of confidence I now have has given me a whole new outlook on life. My Face-lift surgery was one month ago and I feel like life is just beginning. The actual results far exceed my expectations. I feel younger because I look younger. I have even gained more energy. A more youthful appearance has affected my mental attitude. It is not vanity that makes one seek improvement with appearance. It has only been one month and I can hardly believe the difference. While it's not easy to describe the tremendous positive impact the surgery has made on my life I can say that my self-confidence has improved 100%. I truly cannot give enough thanks to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for starting a new chapter in my life that begins with a most wonderful physical transformation!!!

Mr Sengupta

I'm 56 and had jowls and a turkey neck. I looked way older than I felt. I had wanted some sort of facelift for a few years, but was very afraid of the pain, downtime and scars, but when I visited Forerunners Healthcare website their patient’s testimonials helped to chose the decision to go along Forerunners Healthcare Consultants I was very, very pleased with Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and the whole staff of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. They were wonderful to me. I also appreciated the fact that we had the surgery done at the hospital which I felt entirely safe doing it there under his advice and recommendation. The reason I decided to go ahead with a facelift which included the eyes and the neck and around the mouth and forehead was because I had begun to feel invisible. I didn’t like the idea of being invisible and really getting older in a way that I represented a grandmother sitting on a porch some place. So I decided to follow my husband’s advice, he’s a physician. Afterwards, my friends of course wondered what in the world I had done that I looked so relaxed and so happy and so pleased. A couple of people, my kids said, “Mom you didn’t have to do that we loved you anyway”. But it didn’t matter so much what their opinion was it mattered what my opinion was and how I felt about myself as a result of it.

Andrea Walker

I am 56 years old. In July of 2005, I visited Forerunners healthcare website regarding a facelift. Finding Forerunners Healthcare website was an answer to a prayer .My eyes looked tired all the time. I had the sagging jowls and deep lines around my mouth. I didn't have a huge budget, but I felt a real need to make my face look neater, Dr Dheeraj Bojwani explained the procedure to me in depth. He was very honest in what he could do. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and the staff of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants and I scheduled my appointment. Two weeks later, I had my surgery with much success. I had a dedicated staff assisting with my surgery. Everyone was very kind. I came out of surgery with the normal discomfort. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani called me several times to see how I was doing and keeping tabs on my recovery. I felt very assured. I am happy that I had the procedure. I look and feel so much younger. My biggest thanks is to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and caring staff of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani is a very caring and compassionate and a great person. If I have any further surgeries. I will certainly return to Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.

Mackenzie White

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