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I am a 24 year old women who recently had liposuction done to my full body, flanks and back area, and I can not begin to tell you how EXTREMELY happy I am with my results. During my high school years I really wasn't to concerned about my weight, I figured I could lose a couple inches in my waist but I didn't stress to much about it. That I began to really look at myself and realize that I wasn't too happy with the way my body looked! Finally after talking with my mother, I decided to look into liposuction. I wasn't too fond of the idea since I never had any type of surgery done to me, let alone am put to sleep for surgery and the thought of "Surgery" scared me. Yet I did my homework and found that this might just be my answer.

After about a month of research on Internet I narrowed my decision down to Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I was really happy with was how much the procedure was going to cost me. A few days later I flew to Indian and I was taken to the hospital and from the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. It almost felt like I had known the staff for years. They made sure I was comfortable and encouraged me ask any questions I may have had. Even though there were other patients in the office that day I almost felt like I was the only one there. They really made me feel important.

The very next day I was operated. It has been 1 month since my surgery and I can't not even put into words the happiness my surgery has brought me. I am now look in the mirror with confidence and smiling too! On a final note I would say to anyone doing any type of surgery that they need to not only look at the price of the surgery but the environment as well. Thank you so much to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and his staff for everything. I have already recommended Forerunners Healthcare Consultants to friends and even family members and will continue to do so. Thank you again and you will all be in my thoughts and prayers now and forever!


Having liposuction performed through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants had a significant impact on my life. I have always hated my body. When I would look in the mirror, all I would see was fat hips and heavy legs. I felt so self conscious and uncomfortable. I never wore shorts. Whenever I would get a compliment about looking nice, I immediately dismissed it. I did not feel good about myself.

I lost approximately four pounds during my surgery. Four pounds might not seem like a lot. However, losing four pounds in my problem areas made a world of difference. Now, I look in the mirror and I see a cute figure. I don't see fat hips or heavy legs. Words cannot express how good I feel about my body after having liposuction through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.

I don't know how others see my body in terms of before and after the surgery. But it doesn't matter because I now feel good about myself. I want to share a certain event that happened after my surgery. My concern is that my words can't describe what happened and how it affected me. But here goes. All my life, my mother told me to hide my heavy legs. Wear long pants. Don't show your legs. She always told people that I was heavy. I grew up believing that I had an unattractive body. Over the years, this belief grew into disgust for my body. (I was 5'4" and weighed about 130 pounds.) After my surgery, I liked the way I looked. I saw myself differently. I felt and still feel great! I am now 5'4" and about 125 pounds. The decrease in pounds is not the incredible part. It is the shape change. I no longer bulge at the hips. Anyway, back to the story. After my surgery, I could not wait to show my new figure to my mother. However, once I was visiting it no longer mattered. I wore baggy clothes around her and did not show off my new cute figure. Her view of my body no longer mattered. I felt good about myself. And, after all, that is what it is really all about.

Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani was kind, helpful, and seemed to honestly care about me. I believe I was lucky to come across such a great person. I trusted him with my life. I would strongly recommend him and liposuction.

Cornelia Leonardo

My chest and the abdomen have always had excess fat and I was embarrassed about it when I had my shirt off. I felt uncomfortable when I didn't have a shirt on. I had dieted and exercised, but it never made a real difference in the specific areas where I had the extra fat. I wanted my liposuction done in a place that was reputable. Where the people had experience, and where I could have liposuction by the safest method. I did research on liposuction. I think the tumescent technique is the safest way to go, and that was actually very important to me. After lot of research I cam across Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.

Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his staff were excellent. They were very friendly. They gave me all the information I needed, and there was no pressure. They were very professional. I would recommend them highly. Now I feel much better, much more comfortable about the way I look. And it also has inspired me to lose weight, and to work out and exercise more than before. People tell me that I look really good; that I look younger, and that I appear to be in much better shape than before. I am a lot more self-confident since I had the liposuction. I find myself wearing clothes that I haven't worn before. I actually wore a sleeveless dress to a wedding the other night! So it really has changed a lot for me.

Again, thank you for taking care of me, and I look forward to seeing you again during my follow-up visit.

Stephanie Clive

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