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For the last 33 years I’ve worked hard at my job in Alaska, USA. My wife , has never known me to tire easily but suddenly, I started losing my appetite, my energy disappeared and my weight started dropping off. My wife knew something was wrong! She made a doctor’s appointment for me and the doctor ordered blood work and a CT scan. The CT scan showed cancer, a colonoscopy was done and it was confirmed there was cancer in the colon. I was devastated. Having no health insurance I could never afford it so I thought I would die.

One day my wife and I were attending church services when a friend told us she was treatment in India by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for her cancer treatment. She had cancer in her blood. My wife and I called Forerunners Healthcare Consultants and the staff there made the travel arrangements to fly us to India from Alaska. A doctor then evaluated me, he told us, “We have a good chance—a 90 percent chance or better—of killing the cancer.” Ninety percent! Not 23 percent. I was aware there were various treatment options available, when surgeon recommended have colon removed minimally invasively through a laparoscopic procedure. I felt very comfortable with my surgeon’s recommendation. I discussed my options with my family and decided to have the minimally invasive procedure.

After I underwent the procedure, I was able to start walking around the hospital the next day. I was very impressed with the care I received at this hospital. The hospital is excellent with world-class facilities. The doctors and staff all spoke English and were very caring. They carried out their work professionally and satisfactorily. I would recommend anyone to go through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants as they organized my treatment in a prompt manner and ensured that the best specialists saw me. The services I received from Forerunners Healthcare Consultants and the hospital were fantastic and value for money.

Manfred Dietrich
Alaska, USA

In January 2005 I came to India for my gastric bypass surgery. I am very happy with the results of my RNY Gastric Bypass weight loss operation facilitated by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I was very confident of the world-class quality healthcare available here. The email contacts with Dr Dheeraj Bojwani were very prompt and provided very good and detailed information on all of my queries. I had access to the bariatric surgeon both by telephone and email. The surgeon helped me prepare for the procedure, and he promptly addressed all my concerns. The surgery went very well. I was very happy and comfortable with my surgeon and the surgical team. After the surgery and recuperation, I enjoyed visiting the city. I went on a sight seeing tour and shopping with a Tour2india4health Consultant’s representative. I enjoyed our 24-day peaceful recuperation in exotic Goa. After my surgery, I lost a lot of weight, and I felt very good.

Then again in April 2006 I visited India for my Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift surgery, this time I was accompanied with my husband. My husband and I were met and greeted by a Forerunners Healthcare Consultants representative at the airport. We were provided with a cell phone for emergency contacts, and we were given access to an international call facility to keep in touch with our family and friends. A SUV transferred us throughout our stay. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants coordinated all the arrangements and made sure we were in the right place at the right time.

A Forerunners Healthcare Consultants representative visited us everyday during our stay at the hospital and the hotel to ensure that we were comfortable. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants arranged for the medications, packaged juices and they even arranged a three days Henna (temporary Indian Tattoo) training session in the comfort of my hotel room.

We were always in touch with our family and friends back home through the cell phones provided by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, They also arranged for an escorted tour to local markets, a handicrafts bazaar and modern malls. I am very confident of the excellent quality of healthcare in India and would not hesitate to have more procedures completed there. I highly recommend the affordable the medical surgery treatment packages available through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.

Cindy McPherson
Atlanta, USA

Prior to having Gastric Bypass Surgery I weighed 389 lbs., suffered from Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and joint pain. This should have been enough to alert me to the death cycle I was on: but it was not. I fooled myself into thinking that I was relatively healthy and young enough to overcome my medical problems.

Shortly after my 31st birthday, my 7-year old son asked me if I would live to see her children. I asked her "what do you mean?" He said, "Daddy, if you don't lose weight you're not going to be around when I get married and have children." It took these comments from my little son to make me realize that my life was slipping away and I had to do something about my weight or forego the joys of parenthood and, hopefully, grand parenting. After my chat with my son, I looked in earnest for a reputable doctor to consult for Gastric Bypass Surgery. But the cost of getting private surgery in UK was totally out of my budget.

I searched for my options in other countries and finally short listed on the Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India.

I was fortunate to find Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and Forerunners Healthcare in India, who thoroughly helped me at every step to plan my surgery in India. On December 24th, 2005, Gastric Bypass Surgery was successfully performed: I have not looked back. The recovery was not easy, but it was as explained to me by the surgeon and definitely it was worth it. I went from size 60 suits to a size 40; I now weigh 170 lbs and enjoy life's little pleasures with my son, who is now 13. I no longer suffer from diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and joint pain. All of my illnesses have disappeared, and I can now say that I truly enjoy a healthy life and a healthy lifestyle.

Rachel Senator, UK

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