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Mr. Friday, Nigeria
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

International standard facilities for total hip replacement surgery at Goa in India

Now international standard facilities for total hip replacement surgery at Goa in India are available to foreign patients having orthopedic fractures in the knee, hips and shoulders etc. Mr Friday a Nigerian native derived benefit of the cost effective services provided for total hip replacement surgery at Goa in India. He came along with his brother Uche for a total hip replacement procedure. Uche says “ Friday had a hip fracture but was not getting a good cure due to lack of doctors in Nigeria so we asked for options of treatment in abroad and we were told about the healthcare services of Forerunners Healthcare under the leadership of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani.

I sent a query to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani on behalf of my brother for the procedure of hip replacement. He gave me immediate reply concerning the availability of a trained orthopedic surgeon. The cost budget told to me for my brother’s hip replacement was quite less so I gave my assent and brought my brother to India for a total hip replacement surgery at Goa. Dr. Bojwani told his team to make arrangements in advance for the hip replacement procedure. Within a week of sending the enquiry my brother was at the hospital as we were readily welcomed by the members of Forerunners Healthcare at the airport. The best kind of medical care was provided to my brother during his medical rehabilitation period. The operation was done by an experienced orthopedic surgeon. We got the best kind of orthopedic surgery facilities in India and the surgery cost was also very affordable to our budget. My brother recovered quickly from his hip fracture. I and my brother are eternally grateful to Forerunners Healthcare for the medical treatment services that we got for the hip replacement surgery at Goa in India.

Mr Friday
Nigerian native

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