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Mr. Ibako, Nigeria
Heart Surgery for his sister

Heart Valve Disease Surgery in India- Ideal for International Patients

heart valve disease surgery, heart valve surgery India, heart valve surgery Mr. Ibako visited India for his sister’s heart treatment as his sister was having a problem of irregular heart beats. He is a localite of Nigeria and his family doctor advised him to get his sister’s Heart valve disease surgery from India. Doctor told him about Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India and its huge success rate. The doctor also conformed that the only treatment was to get Heart valve disease surgery. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants made all the arrangements for getting the treatment done in India.

Mr. I Baku says “My sister was suffering from heart valve disease. Her doctor referred her to Forerunners Healthcare Consultants as it is the best medical services consultant in India.

My sister was shifted to a good hospital. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants made all the arrangement for us from consulting a doctor till the heart valve disease surgery was completed. The cardiac surgeon discussed with her everything what was going to happen before, during and after the procedure. It helped her to be informed, so she could give her consent for the procedure to go ahead, which she was asked to do by signing a consent form. She was asked to follow fasting instructions. Typically, she did not eat or drink for about six hours before a general anaesthetic. Heart valve diseases surgery took around three hours to complete. The surgeon made a cut, about 25cm (10 inches) long, down the middle of her breastbone (sternum) to reach her heart. Her Valve was seriously damaged so they replaced it by Biological valve. Her sternum was rejoined using wires and the skin on her chest closed with dissolvable stitches.

Post Heart valve diseases surgery she was taken to a well furnished room with T.V and all the latest amenities one can expect for. She was pleased with the services of the medical staff and with the assistance of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants that made our medical tour hassle free. What was so great about our experience wasn’t just the relief of knowing what was happening, but also being able to get everything she needed at one place. Hospital staff was also great at education. We had a great experience dealing with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants and very much satisfied with its services. I will definitely recommend Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for Heart valve disease surgery in India to other people”.

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