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Mr. Raymond, Nigeria
Heart Pacemaker for his mother

Heart Enhancement Pacemaker in India: For the Treatment of Various Heart Diseases

heart enhancement pacemaker, heart enhancement pacemaker India, heart diseases treatment India Mr. Raymond a Nigerian citizen whose mother was having heart problem known as Cardiac Arrhythmia. He visited one of the best cardiologists in Nigeria for her mother’s treatment. His doctor told him that his mother needs a Heart enhancement Pacemaker and he told him that his mom can get it implanted in India under Forerunners Healthcare Consultant’s assistance. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants further arranged his and his mom’s tour to India for Heart Enhancement Pacemaker Implant in India. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants assisted Mr. Raymond getting his mother’s treatment in India and provided all the medical and other facilities required during their stay in India.

Furthermore Mr. Raymond said “My mother was having heart problem since three years and she has been visiting many doctors having severe chest pain during her cardiac strokes. When we visited one of the best cardiologists in Nigeria, he examined my mother’s condition and concluded that she was having irregular heart beat problem known as arrhythmias. He told me that my mother has to get a Heart Enhancement Pacemaker Implanted. But the doctor told me that it was not available in Nigeria so I needed to visit India. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants provided us with all the medical treatment facility for Heart Enhancement Pacemaker Implant. I did contact Forerunners Healthcare through its website which provided all the information a medical tourist needs. Forerunners Healthcare consultants made all the arrangements for me and my mother to visit India for the treatment. Forerunners Healthcare referred my mother to one of the best cardiac surgeons in India who furthermore took care of the treatment.

Heart Enhancement Pacemaker implant surgery is often done using a local anesthetic and the person returns home the same day. Occasionally, a patient might be admitted to the hospital for a day. The surgical procedure includes these steps: An incision is made for the pacemaker. (This may be on either side of the chest or in the abdomen).The leads are inserted into a vein and guided to the heart. The leads are connected to the pacemaker. The Pacemaker and leads are tested. The incision is closed. The pacemaker is programmed. The entire procedure for Heart Enhancement Pacemaker implantation may take about 2 hours. My mother was instructed to fast before 10-12 hours of the surgery.

After the surgery my mother was shifted to another room which was well furnished with all the amenities. My mother was in the hospital for two days an then the doctor told me that she was fine and was ready for discharge. I am thankful to Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for helping my mother in getting her Heart Enhancement Pacemaker implantation done in India which was done at 100% success rate. They provided us accommodation at best hotel and the charges was too less in comparison with other countries. I will definitely say that Forerunners healthcare consultant is the best for Heart Enhancement Pacemaker Implant in India”.

May God bless everyone!!

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