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Mrs. Yvette, Scotland
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Gastrectomy Surgery in India by Veteran Surgeons

gastrectomy surgery,gastrectomy surgery India,low cost gastrectomy surgery India Hi,
I am Yvette?s husband David from Scotland and I would like to thank Forerunners Healthcare on behalf of my wife Yvette who got her Gastrectomy surgery in India. I thank you guys for giving my wife back her productive life which she had lost. The Healthcare consultants are such a gem of people you're truly a godsend for patients trust me not that. The operating team of yours is so brilliant with Veteran Surgeons they comforted my wife who was so sceptical about the whole thing.

I could not end this letter before giving special thanks to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for giving me my lost wife after Gastrectomy Surgery in India by Veteran Surgeons. He is a brilliant care taker and an absolute diamond. Nurses and the complete staff were wonderful not only to my wife but also to me. I pray God will continue to give you the strength each day to be the brilliant consultants you are; you make a dramatic change in patient?s lives through your surgeries. Thank you for caring about us. The Gastrectomy surgery in India by Veteran Surgeons was a complete success for us.

Thank you
David Scotland

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