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Mr. Adeyanju, Nigeria
Gall Bladder Surgery

Gall Bladder Surgery in India performed under most proficient surgeons

gall bladder surgery India,gallbladder surgeons,gallbladder surgeons India Hi. I am Mr. Adeyanju from Nigeria. After having a discussion with my doctor and my friend I decided to get my Gall Bladder Surgery in India. The same friend told me about Forerunners Healthcare Group. I searched their website and saw the videos of the testimonials of many international patients. I was glad to see that there were a lot of Nigerian patients’ testimonials on their website. I contacted Forerunners Healthcare Group to assist me to get Gall Bladder Surgery in India. My wife had also accompanied me. I am very glad with the arrangements Forerunners Healthcare group made for me and my wife.

The care I received from the nurses, physical and occupational therapists, certified nursing assistants, and the entire staff of the hospital where I got my Gall Bladder Surgery was outstanding and all should be commended for their dedication, commitment and professionalism. The surgeon who performed my Gall Bladder Surgery in India was proficient, knowledgeable, caring and dedicated and encouraging along the road to recovery. After the Gall Bladder surgery, I am feeling very good, both physically and mentally. The credit goes to Forerunners Healthcare Group for making everything so simple.

Thank you,
Mr. Adeyanju

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