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Mr. Jonathan, USA
Complex Urology Surgery

Experience of an International Patient of Urology Surgery at Chennai in India

An International patient came to India for having urology surgery at Chennai in India. His name is Jonathan, from USA. His aunt told him about Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India as she had read many articles and press release of this company on the Internet. Jonathan, then contacted to Dr. Bojwani for confirming his surgery In India. During his surgery, the entire hospital staff worked well with each other and made him feels very comfortable even though he was very self conscious. He said “I was ecstatic that the staff was so knowledgeable and also that they did a great job during my urology surgery at Chennai in India.

Also, everyone at the hospital was very friendly and made the experience much more pleasant. Lastly, the surgeons were amazing. Dr. Bojwani is a true expert in his field and provides such a wonderful service to his patients with tremendous skill. His knowledge and understanding is apparent throughout the consultation and procedure as he is able to avidly discuss any related topic and answer all my questions. Thankfully, Dr. Bojwani is meticulous and seems to pride himself on the quality of his work. I felt that he was truly compassionate of my personal situation and was doing all that he could to help me. Physicians were very talented as they gave me pre and post operative instructions during my urology surgery at Chennai in India. I had a great experience in India for urology surgery at Chennai. I wish Forerunnershealthcare Consultants all the best for the future!!!!”

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