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Experience of an International Patient with Obesity Surgeons at Chennai in India

This is an experience of an international patient, Kirsty from UK who had surgery with obesity surgeons at Chennai in India. She was referred to Dr. Bojwani by a co-worker. She has had experiences with many surgeons in the past that quite frankly left her not wanting to return for follow up care. She says “I cannot say that this time! Dr. Bojwani and Forerunnershealthcare Consultant’s staff has been remarkable in their approach and knowledge of obesity surgery and proper care. I am very appreciative of the service and care I received from obesity surgeons at Chennai in India and will recommend Dr. Bojwani to all my friends and acquaintances. I wouldn't go to any other office, but Dr Bojwani. His work is excellent....and I really like his staff, they are all very efficient. I highly recommend Forerunnershealthcare Consultant to all my friends and coworkers. Thank you for providing me obesity surgeons at Chennai in India. You truly stand apart. Thank you for helping me achieves a superb figure. I appreciate your outstanding hard work and wish you success in all that you do. As I can tell, I am very happy with obesity surgeons at Chennai in India and look forward to come to India for other procedures”.

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