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Mr. Innocent, Nigeria
Radical Prosta - Cystectomy Surgery

Doctors of India showed all time hospitality during my radical prosta-cystectomy in India

Hello, my name is Mr. Innocent from Nigeria I came for my radical prosta-cystectomy in India. I was having prostate cancer and was desperate to get it removed by radical prosta-cystectomy. But Nigeria lack such kinds of hospitals where such kinds of surgeries can be done. While surfing through the net I came across Forerunners Healthcare website which provide access to Indian hospitals for foreign patients at very low cost. I contacted them and mailed my case details to them. After finalizing all things I came to Mumbai for my radical prosta-cystectomy in India.

I was amazed to see the medical facilites in Mumbai it was very good and affordable too. Everything worked for me very well. I had a successful radical prosta-cystectomy in India. I saved a lot of money by conducting my surgery in India. before leaving the hospital I was checked for everything. Yes everything. I didn't realise I was as fit as they said I was. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to India plus getting a low cost surgery in India. I would like to thank Forerunners Healthcare for for providing me excellent facilities at very low cost.

Thank you
Mr. Innocent

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