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Mr. John, USA
Microdiscectomy Surgery

Reviews from US Citizen for Discectomy Surgery in India at Preeminent Hospital

discectomy surgeons,discectomy surgeons India,discectomy surgery hospital Hi, I am John from the United States. I chose to get my Discectomy Surgery in India because the cost was relatively low. And besides that I had heard that Indian doctors are very good. Forerunners Healthcare Group assisted me in getting Discectomy Surgery in India at a preeminent hospital. I was experiencing severe back pain. So much that it started to take its toll on my social life. Sometimes the back pain would get so severe, that I couldn’t get out of my bed. Then one day, while surfing the internet, I came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare Group. I contacted them and discussed my problem with them.

I am very pleased by the response I got from Forerunners healthcare Group. They took my follow ups regularly and soon, arranged my Discectomy Surgery in India. I am glad that I chose Forerunners Healthcare. You made everything very easy for me. After getting my Discectomy Surgery in India I am feeling much better. I am overwhelmed by the fact that I can lead a normal life now. The surgeon who treated me was brilliant. He did a great job. I am very thankful to him. And would certainly like to recommend India to all those who are looking for spine surgery overseas.

Thank you,

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