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Dr. Edenawu, Nigeria
Health Checkup India

Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup done in India at a supreme hospital in Mumbai

cardiac checkup India, cardiac checkup Mumbai,hospitals cardiac checkup Mumbai I am Dr Edenayu and I am from Nigeria, I got comprehensive cardiac checkup in India at Mumbai hospitals with assistance of Forerunners healthcare consultants. I came across Forerunners healthcare through internet I submitted query about cardiac checkup in India and the next day I got call from forerunners healthcare and explained me the process in detail. They arranged for me a talk with cardiac expert from Mumbai hospital they explained me the details, I was satisfied and I scheduled my cardiac checkup in India at Mumbai with forerunners healthcare. Soon I was in Mumbai, I was picked at the airport by an executive from forerunners healthcare and he took me to the hotel were my stay was already arranged.

The next day I was taken to hospital, I was amazed with the facilities; the medical standards were comparable to any hospitals in western countries. My cardiac checkup in India at Mumbai hospital was done successfully the doctors explained me the details I was really impressed with their work they were true professionals. The hospitals services, support staff and doctors all were world-class and my cardiac checkup in India was done with ease with assistance of forerunners healthcare, and I would thank them for such finest medical arrangements and would not hesitate to recommend forerunners healthcare to any one.

Thank you

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