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Mr. Chika Uko, Nigeria
Hip Replacement Surgery

Chika Uko from Nigeria applauds the medical expertise of doctors during his hip replacement at Mumbai in India

Chika Uko from Nigeria applauded the medical expertise of doctors who provided him with an immediate hip replacement at Mumbai in India. Unable to find proper medical care facilities in Nigeria Chika made an enquiry about medical tourism in India and quality of healthcare facilities at the orthopedic hospitals in India. Being afflicted from a hip injury this Nigerian native needed a an immediate medical date for hip replacement and Forerunners Healthcare after understanding the grave need of Chika arranged him a medical tour at a minimal cost for his hip replacement at Mumbai in India. According to the guidelines of Indian medical tourism Chika was provided avon medical hospitalization by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani from Forerunners Healthcare.

Chika says “all information regarding the registration, travel, medical visa plus doctor’s profile was sent to me by email and Dr. Bojwani himself gave me some important instructions before I came to India for hip replacement at Mumbai. On reaching the hospital under the care of Forerunners team the doctor greeted me warmly and said that my hip replacement procedure would start tomorrow at 11 in the morning and it would be done within 2 hours and I can leave after a post operative rest of 1-2 days. I was really amazed that Indian doctors worked at such great speed and I witnessed the expertise of the orthopedic surgeon recommended to me during the surgery procedure. I was medically operated under anesthesia so I felt least pain not knowing what was being done to me. After the surgery also I was under unconciousness for an hour. I was taken to a furnished modern patient care ward that was allotted to me by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and I really appreciate his consideration for me. The hospital staff and the Indian doctors took well care of me during my post operative medical stay. After 2 days I was provided hospital discharge and before leaving Mumbai I took a short tour around the city seeing some interesting places like sea beaches and really enjoyed a fabulous lunch with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. Forerunners Healthcare is like a raft for those international patients who have shortage e of finances, are uninsured and are seeking an immediate medical appointment. I appreciate the quality of treatment and medical care along with the affordable cost of my hip replacement at Mumbai in India.

Mr. Chika Uko

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