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Mr. Kamru Ali, Uganda
Combined Cervical and Lumbar Spine Surgery

I got the best medical facilities for my cervical and lumber spine surgery in India

Hello my name is Mr. Kamru Ali from Uganda. I'm 70 years old. I'm a transporter by profession. I came for my cervical and lumber spine surgery in India through Forerunnershealthcare. I had a problem with my neck, it would pain constantly and it left me unable to do the things that I have done in my whole life. Consulting with the doctors they told me that my spinal disc was bad. Just browsing on internet I found out Forerunnershealthcare website. So I sent my MRI to them and I found out that they could not only fix my neck without doing fusion but with ADR they also assured me to fix my lower neck.

I was little worried about the costs I gave more preference to quality of treatment. Then I contacted Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani, CEO of the company.

I was assured by him that cervical and lumber spine surgery in India demanded an economical cost so I could plan my vacations in India comfortable along with the surgery. Sounds too good and is of course true? So I came to India for my cervical and lumber spine surgery. Believe me the hospital staff kept team of Forerunners that provided me the best medical facilities and helped me in getting cervical and lumber spine surgery in India. So if there is anyone reading this, and trying to decide then I can tell you that India is a wonderful place and they treat you with the utmost respect and provide you the best treatment provisions.

Kamru Ali

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