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Mr. Frank Grundy, UK
Hernia with Cholecytectomy

British national’s medical experience of getting Gall Bladder Surgery at Mumbai in India

Mr. Frank Grundy from UK is telling us about his experience of Gall Bladder Surgery in India at Mumbai. He was seeking treatment for the surgery but the options of the prices offered to him in UK was too heavy on his pocket so he started searching for affordable cost offered for the surgery in the other parts of the world and during his research he came to know about Forerunners Healthcare and after few initial consultations with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani CEO of Forerunners Healthcare he was in a better place to take an informed decision regarding his Gall Bladder Surgery in India at Mumbai, he was determined to take an informed decision of going under the surgery.

India is now days becoming a medical hub and a growing destination for Gall Bladder Surgery because of the availability of most advanced surgical treatment facilities and highly experienced surgeons in India. Because of these available treatment facilities, very low cost of treatment and very good success rate of surgery, many international patients are attracted to India for their low cost Gall Bladder Surgery. International patients are looking forward to India just because of first class medical facilities at low rates. Medical tourism in India is a boon to those people who are in search of low cost and good treatment quality for surgeries. Medical tourism in India has been providing valuable information and guidance regarding Gall Bladder Surgery in India at Mumbai to abroad patients. When it comes to price, abroad patients consider India as the best place for this surgery. Medical tourism has broad appeal as it is providing best medical healthcare facilities during this surgery at a cost of fraction in major industrialized cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Because of the availability of advanced treatment facilities, and expert surgeons many international patients are attracted to India for their gall bladder surgery. The main reason for their attraction to India is not only just availability of good treatment facilities but main reason is very good success rate of gall bladder surgery and this involved with very less cost of treatment in Indian surgery centers. After getting his surgery done he says “The clinical care provided to me for Gall Bladder Surgery in India at Mumbai was good and they really impressed me with all medically modern healthcare facilities they provided to me during the surgery. The Indian doctors were marvelous in their work and hey showed true medical professionalism during their gall bladder surgery in India at Mumbai. I appreciate the services done to me By Dr Bojwani and his team.

Mr. Frank Grundy

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