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Master Paul, Nigeria
Bladder Obstruction Surgery

Bladder Obstruction Surgery in Mumbai Hospital

bladder obstruction surgery India, bladder obstruction surgery Mumbai Hi,
I am Mrs. Wale from Nigeria and I arrived to India for my son’s bladder obstruction surgery in Mumbai Hospital. I searched the Internet for answers but I did not find them very useful it was through friends that I finally learnt about Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani by referring his website Forerunners Healthcare I got all the answers about my son’s surgery and it put me to rest. Finally we came to India on 26th for bladder obstruction surgery in Mumbai Hospital and planed to retune by the end of the month as I could not get a long leave from my job. When I meet Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani I felt I had finally found a solution that’s right for my son.

I have never met a more compassionate, egoless doctor, who really listens! And his team was equally wonderful. What a different attitude Doctors. “I have heard the "best in town" doctors they won't get off their high horses but these were exceptional.” I Thank You Dr. Bojwani for everything, you made things so simpler with the bladder obstruction surgery in Mumbai Hospital.

Thank you
Mrs. Wale

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