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Mrs. Carol, UK
Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Hospitals in India for removing unwanted fat bariatric surgery hospitals India,bariatric surgery hospitals Mumbai Hi,

I am Carol from the UK. I came in to India with my husband for my bariatric surgery to remove excess of fats from my body. It was my husband who supported me to undergo this surgery because I am at my age of 62 and it is not that easy to undergo surgery at such an old age. But it was my husband who supported me a lot and not to forget Dr. Dheeraj Bhojwani who stud with us all through the surgery. I was also ready to undergo this surgery at bariatric surgery Hospitals in India because it was my dream to spend time with my coming grandchildren to play with them.

I am very thankful to Forerunners Healthcare to give all their support and also their staff to fulfill each and every demand of mine. Bariatric surgery Hospitals in India helped me to extend my life.

Thank you

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