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Mr. Amadi, Nigeria
Health Checkup and Arthiris Treatment

Arthritis Treatment in India at world class hospitals

We, at Forerunners Healthcare group, are offering arthritis treatment in India at world class hospitals at a fraction of the cost when compared to the West. Every year thousands of international patients put a lot of faith in us and come to India for their medical treatment or surgery. We don’t want to let them down. Hence, we have collaborated with some of the best hospitals in India where the medical facilities are easily comparable to the West. Recently, Mr. Amadi from Nigeria visited India for his arthritis treatment. He shares his experience with us.

Hello, I am Mr. Amadi from Nigeria. I got my arthritis treatment in India a few weeks ago. It was a very pleasant experience.

I am very thankful to the Forerunners Healthcare group for their wonderful hospitality. I was suffering from joint pain. I used to have difficulty in standing. It was about the time, when I needed some serious medical attention. So I started my research. The cost of medical treatment in Western countries is too high. I couldn’t have possibly afforded that. Then while, browsing the internet, I came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare group. I was happy to see so many testimonials of Nigerian patients for them. It certainly boosted my confidence in them. I sent them my query through email. Soon I got a call from them. The executive was very helpful. They welcomed all my questions and answered them with great patience. Soon, I was in India for my arthritis treatment. The hospital where I got my arthritis treatment in India was world class. The hospital staff, the doctors, nurses, physicians were extremely compassionate. I am feeling much better after getting my arthritis treatment in India. I would highly recommend Forerunners Healthcare group to all those who are seeking medical treatment abroad.

Thank you,
Mr. Amadi

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