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Urethroplasty surgeons in India

India’s hospitals and clinics are world class internationally designed for international patients. Huge investments had been made in equipment and management of the urethroplasty hospitals. Their standards are so high that they had achieved ISO 9001 accreditation. Many major hospitals belong to management groups that ensure the very highest standard of medical service is available through their branch hospitals at various locations around the country in most prominent cities. The surgeons available for performing the surgical procedures in these centers are also highly qualified and experienced. You can get your surgery safely done from expert Urethroplasty surgeons in India. Click the link for details of treatment facilities provided to patients for their safe and comfortable treatment in India: Treatment Facilities. Urethroplasty surgeons in India perform the surgical procedure in India’s best surgery centers which are in most prominent cities at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

The first and foremost thing which is required for getting safe and risk free treatment is the selection of an expert Urethroplasty surgeon, once you have selected an expert surgeon for your surgery half of the work is considered to be over, as this surgery involves certain complications which can be easily overcome by expertness of surgeon. Urethroplasty is an open surgical procedure for urethral reconstruction to treat urethral stricture. Urethroplasty can be performed by 2 methods; primary repair which involves complete excision of the narrowed part of the urethra. The proximal and distal patent parts are then rejoined. The second method of Urethroplasty utilizes tissue transfer or free graft technique. In this method, tissue is grafted from bladder epithelium or buccal mucosa and is used to enlarge the strictured segment of the urethra. Pre-Operative Medication Instructions unless specifically instructed otherwise by your surgeon or anesthesiologist, before surgery: - stop all aspirin and all aspirin-containing medicines. Check any cold or pain medication bottle to make certain aspirin is not contained. See additional list at blood Thinners. Start the pre-operative Bowel Prep appropriate for this surgery. As injury to the bowel is unlikely in this procedure, you will have the simplest form of a bowel preparation, described below. 2- Fleets Enemas, Pre-Operative Diet Instructions unless specifically instructed otherwise by your surgeon or anesthesiologist, patients of all ages must observe the following diet restrictions before surgery: do not eat any solid foods, including juices with pulp, lozenges, candy, chewing gum, and mints. Do not drink full liquid, such as milk, cream, and jello. You may continue to drink up to eight ounces of clear liquids until Six hours before the scheduled start of your surgery. Clear liquids include Water, clear juices, black tea and black coffee.

Assistance provided by medical tourism in India is very good and they also help patients in selecting an expert surgeon for their surgical treatment. The cost of treatment in India is also very less compared to that of the cost of same surgical treatment in other developed countries. This low cost of treatment in India is just because of low cost of Indian rupee in international currency market. This low cost of surgical treatment provided by Urethroplasty surgery in India doesn’t affect the quality standard of treatment. You can see this cost difference between India and other developed countries for different treatment procedures here: Cost Comparison. The quality of treatment provided by these surgery centers remains same as the quality of treatment which is provided in other developed countries. Also, different new and advanced payment options are available for payment of treatment in India. These payment options include paying money through western union money transfer, pay pal account, traveler’s cheques etc. You can contact us for details about Urethroplasty surgeons in India, by filling up an Enquiry Form

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