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TUR-Bladder Tumor Surgery Hospitals in India

Indian hospitals are renowned for TUR bladder tumor surgery around the world. T.U.R.-Bladder tumor is removal or resection of the urinary bladder tumor with the help of an endoscopic cutting device that is inserted into your urinary bladder via your urethra. India is considered by many to be the global leader for this surgery. International patients have been traveling to hospitals of India for TUR bladder tumor surgery for decades seeking affordable world-class medical travel treatment, for both elective and non-elective procedures. You can see their experiences for different procedures at patient’s experience. If anyone has a cancerous or non-cancerous growth of the urinary bladder, that is small and is confined to the urinary bladder and has not spread to the surrounding structures, then TUR bladder tumor surgery is needed. Surgeons of TUR bladder tumor surgery are extremely talented and highly experienced to rely.

T.U.R.-Bladder Tumor is performed under general anesthesia or spinal block with sedation. A Cystoscope is inserted via the urethra up into the bladder. The bladder is filled with fluid so that it is easily visualized from inside. The prostate gland is examined, a surgical loop is inserted through the Cystoscope to remove the portion of the enlarged prostate. A catheter is left in the bladder to allow for urine to flow easily for several days after the procedure. The entire procedure of T.U.R.-Bladder Tumor may take about one hour. Your physician on your pre-oparative consult will request routine blood and urine analysis, CT of abdomen and chest x-ray. Inform your physician about your other health conditions and medications (including all the prescription, non-prescription medications, nutritional supplements i.e. vitamins, minerals and herbal products). Refrain from taking aspirin or Ibuprofen at least 2 weeks before T.U.R.-Bladder Tumor. Stop smoking a few weeks before T.U.R.-Bladder Tumor to prevent healing problems during recovery period. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 10 hours before the T.U.R.-Bladder Tumor surgery. You will be instructed to be hospitalize that night before the surgery. T.U.R.-Bladder Tumour is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure and can be a treatment of choice for patients who are at high medical risk for anesthesia or a major operation such as Radical Cystectomy. This method of treatment has reduced risk of damage to the nerve bundles during the surgery resulting in incontinence or impotence neither should it effect in your sex drive

TUR bladder tumor surgery is now more popular at Indian hospitals than ever and 50% cheaper than surgery back home. Millions of medical tourists are now traveling to India to enjoy affordable surgeries combined with one of the most amazing exotic holiday locations in the world including medical facilities at an affordable price. With a warm friendly ambience India can be an affordable, enjoyable, confidential, and safe alternative to TUR bladder tumor surgery done at home.

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