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Tumor Resection Surgery in India

The advanced medical treatments available in India like tumor resection surgery have made it a popular destination for medical tours. People, who cannot afford the cost of tumor resection surgery in the West, head for the super specialty hospitals in India to avail the cost effective and quality treatments offered. At the Joint Commission International accredited Hospitals in India, the department of neuro and urosurgery offers the latest in tumor resection surgery, Tran’s sphenoid operations, treatments for brain and neck tumors and lesions, and more. Indian hospitals provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system both invasive and non-invasive procedures for treating tumors. Indian expert urologists and neurologists are supported by the most extensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities including Asia's most advanced MRI and CT technology along with providing general diagnostic X-ray imaging.

Mediastinal tumor resection is the name for the procedure that involves the removal of tumors in the area of the chest cavity that separates the lungs. Malignant tumors must be removed to prevent the spread of the cancer. Without removal or treatment, the cancer could spread to the heart or begin to compress the spinal cord. Once the patient is anesthetized, mediastinal tumor resection can be performed through either one large or several small incisions. Traditional tumor resection utilizes a large, central incision in the chest, while video-assisted mediastinal tumor resection utilizes several small incisions, a video camera inserted into one incision, and miniature surgical instruments inserted through the other incisions. Chest tubes may be inserted to help facilitate drainage of fluid and air from the chest cavity. Once released from the hospital, you should avoid lifting any objects heavier than five pounds. You are also asked not to drive for four to six weeks, but walking at least twice a day is encouraged. Fatigue typically lasts no longer than three to four weeks. No rehabilitation therapy is required following this surgery.

India is rapidly emerging for tumor resection surgery, and also with a center for health and wellness. The services of medical tourism are relatively high, and often available at far lower prices than service of equal standards in other countries. If anyone develop a health problem, or is seeking a specialized treatment, you'll find that the India's health facilities are well equipped to handle most of your needs. If anyone comes for a medical procedure, he/she will also have a wide range of luxury hotels, spectacular beaches, great restaurants and a host of leisure activities to choose from during the stay for tumor resection surgery in India. With its long list of attractions, plus first-class medical facilities, spas and holistic services, India is unquestionably a healthy holiday destination.

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