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Trans Vaginal Tape Surgeons in India

India work with selected specialty hospitals with international accreditations, board certified trans vaginal tape surgeons, and proven track record, to provide quality treatment to patients worldwide. Transvaginal tape is a minimally invasive procedure for women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence. The urinary bladder and urethra are repaired, strengthened and returned to its original position in the pelvis. Hospitals are equipped with the latest technology in medicine and have a host of excellent doctors, surgeons for trans vaginal tape surgery in India who have the reputation of providing safe medical services like this surgery to international patients. If a woman is suffering from stress urinary incontinence and do not plan on getting pregnant any more, then transvaginal tape surgery is needed. After the surgery, patient will spend the next couple of hours under observation for any immediate post-operative complications like bleeding or urinary retention.

Transvaginal tape is a minimally invasive procedure to treat Stress Urinary Incontinence in women. Transvaginal tape procedure may take about 30 - 40 minutes and is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation. A mesh tape is inserted through a small incision in the vagina and is positioned underneath the urethra. The transvaginal tape is then pulled up through two tiny incisions in the skin's surface just above the pubic area. As it passes through several pelvic tissue layers, the friction of underlying tissues holds the tape in place like velcro. Over time your body tissues will grow into the mesh and will permanently secure it. The surgeon will ask you to cough so that any necessary adjustments can be made right then and there. At the end of the procedure the Transvaginal tape will be trimmed just under the skin's surface and the tiny incisions will be closed. Transvaginal tape is performed on an outpatient basis therefore, prior hospitalization is not necessary. Ask your doctor about any special instructions to prepare for transvaginal tape. Since all medical procedure has a small risk of injury, e.g. injury to ureter or rectum, you will need to sign a consent form before the test. Patient does not hesitate to ask the doctor about any concerns he/she might have. Patient may be asked to give a urine sample before the test to check for infection. Inform the physician about other health conditions and medications.

Medical tourism has proved to be a cost effective process of health care. It has been found that the cost of some of the treatments in India is at least 10 times lesser than that of its western counterpart. In countries like Britain and Canada the public health service systems are sometimes unable to provide quick service especially when it comes to non-urgent medical services. Under such circumstances patients consider medical tourism as a lucrative option. They can choose from a wide option in the global market to suit their pocket. Surgeons of trans vaginal tape in India assist patients with pre and post-travel medical issues. They also help the patients' follow up medical care. This has been a relief for those who are apprehensive about medical tourism.

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