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Salivary gland cancer surgery in India

Salivary gland cancer surgery in India is a very good option to get because of the availability of very good treatment facilities, most expert cancer surgeons and very good success rate of different cancer surgery procedures like salivary gland cancer surgery. Patients go back home happily after getting their treatment done from India, you can see different patients’ experiences after their treatment in India here: Patients’ Experience. Cost of salivary gland cancer surgery in cancer surgery hospitals of India is very less as compared to that in abroad. This low cost of cancer surgery doesn’t mean that Indian cancer surgery hospitals compromise with quality of cancer surgery. This low cost of different treatment procedures is because of low cost of Indian rupee in international currency market. Cancer surgery hospitals in most prominent cities of India at Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa and Delhi provide very good clinical facilities for salivary gland cancer surgery in India.

Cancer of the salivary gland is a disease in which cancer cells are found in the tissues of the salivary glands. The salivary glands make saliva, the fluid that is released into the mouth to keep it moist and to help dissolve food. Major clusters of salivary glands are found below the tongue, on the sides of the face just in front of the ears, and under the jawbone. Many growths in the salivary glands do not spread to other tissues and are not cancer. These tumors are called “benign” tumors and are not usually treated the same as cancer. The symptoms of salivary gland cancer include swelling under the chin or around the jawbone, the face becomes numb, muscles in the face cannot move, or there is pain that does not go away in the face, chin, or neck. Then with MRI scan the status of disease becomes clear and proper treatment can be decided with it. Different treatments are available for patients with cancer of the salivary gland are Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy. The treatment of salivary gland cancer is suggested to different patients depending on location of cancer, the stage of the disease, and the patient’s age and overall health. Surgery is often used to remove cancers of the salivary gland. Depending on where the cancer is and how far it has spread, a doctor may need to cut out tissue around the cancer. If cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the neck, the lymph nodes may be removed. Radiation therapy is also a common treatment of cancer of the salivary gland. Radiation therapy uses high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Because of advancement in medical field many new surgical techniques of cancer surgery have been made available.

Medical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients for their comfortable and low cost surgical treatment in India. With the advancement in the treatment facilities of cancer surgery in India, Indian cancer surgery hospitals attract more number of patients for salivary gland cancer surgery in India. Medical facilities in India are most advanced and are of very good standards also available at very less cost. This low cost of cancer surgery procedures like salivary gland cancer surgery doesn’t affect the quality standard of treatment and is just because of low cost of Indian rupee in international currency market. You can get your low cost salivary gland cancer surgery in India with very good results as the surgery is performed in India by most expert surgeons. You can see this cost difference between India and other developed countries for different treatment procedures here: Cost Comparison. Also, for any other details of salivary gland cancer surgery you can contact us by filling up an enquiry form here: Enquiry Form.

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