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Lung cancer surgeons in India

Lung cancer is considered to be one of the complex cancers of all cancers as the surgical treatment involved very much complex procedures. The only thing required for successful treatment of lung cancer is the expertness of surgeons who are performing the surgery. Indian cancer surgery centers provide treatment to patients from India’s best surgeons who are highly qualified from the U.S. and U.K. and are currently performing surgeries with very good success rate. The cost of surgical treatment provided by expert lung cancer surgeons in India at most advanced surgery centers of India is very less as compared to that of the cost of same surgical treatment provided to patients in abroad. You can see the cost difference between India and other developed countries for different treatment procedures here: Cost Comparison. This low cost of treatment along with very good success rate of surgeries performed by highly experienced lung cancer surgeons in India, makes India an ideal destination for abroad patients seeking a low cost and safe surgical treatment for their cancer treatment.

Selection of an expert lung cancer surgeon is very important in getting safe and successful cancer treatment. Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the developed world. The vast majority - over 80% of lung cancers are caused by smoking tobacco or by indirect exposure to tobacco smoke. Like most cancers, the risk of lung cancer increases with age. The longer you smoke, the greater your risk. Very few cases are diagnosed in people under 40 and the most common age of diagnosis is between 70 and 74. There are four main types of lung cancer: small cell lung cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma and adenocarcinomas. Tobacco smoking is strongly linked to the first three but only weakly linked to adenocarcinomas. However, this type of lung cancer has been linked to the use of low-tar cigarettes. There are a variety of symptoms of lung cancer, including difficulty breathing, coughing up blood, chest pain, weight loss, general fatigue and loss of appetite. Some lung cancers do not cause any noticeable symptoms until they are quite advanced and have spread to other parts of the body. Lung cancers are sometimes first detected on routine chest X-rays. However, the main method of diagnosis is bronchoscopy, in which a thin, flexible tube is inserted down the airways, allowing doctors to see the inside of the lungs and even take a biopsy. A CT scan, liver ultrasound or bone scan may also be used to find out if the cancer has spread. Drug treatment is the usual treatment for small cell lung cancers, because they usually spread too quickly for surgery to be useful. Depending on the type of tumor and how advanced it is, chemotherapy can be used in different ways: either to shrink the tumor before surgery or after surgery to kill off any remaining cancer cells. With the availability of very good treatment facilities, it is now become possible to cure cancer at its later stage also, and it is being cured all over the world.

Medical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients in the provision of treatment for their lung cancer in India. Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers. The available treatments can prolong the patient's life, but complete cures are very rare. Earlier three out of every five lung cancer patients die within one year of being diagnosed. But now many new and advanced surgical techniques are made available for lung cancers which are in practice and with very good success rate. lung cancer surgeons in India are experts in cancer surgery field as they are qualified from the U.S. and U.K. Surgeons of India are now days successfully treating patients from all over the world in India’s best treatment centers which are in most prominent cities of India at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The treatment facilities provided there are best thus patients get their surgery done without any risk involved. Click the link for details of Treatment Facilities. Also, you can contact us for detailed information of lung cancer surgeons in India by filling up an Enquiry Form.

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