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Foreign Trained Laparoscopy Surgeons in India working with Modern Equipments

laparoscopy surgeons,laparoscopy surgeons India,modern laparoscopy equipments Most of the Laparoscopy Surgeons in India are foreign trained and have an experience of working abroad in countries like UK, US and Australia. Hence they understand the needs of our international patients very well. Laparoscopy surgeons in India work at the best hospitals in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi. Indian hospitals are geared up with the modern equipments in the field of medicine. Forerunners Healthcare Group is proud to announce that we have tied up with the best corporate hospitals in India where the best laparoscopic surgeons work. We are offering all inclusive laparoscopic surgery packages. Once in India you can be rest assured about your proper diagnosis and medication. Furthermore, if situation demands, surgery packages are also within your reach. Medical Treatment in India is amid the best in the world, facilitated by the most skilled doctors and up to the minute super sphere hospitals of India. The super specialty hospitals are the best in the world, offering treatments ranging from cardiology to cosmetic surgery packages.

What is laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery also referred to as minimally invasive surgery or minimal access surgery describes the performance of surgical procedures with the assistance of a laparoscope, video camera and several thin long cylindrical instruments. During the surgical procedure, CO2 gas is introduced inside the abdominal cavity and small incisions of up to 5 to 10 mm are made. The laparoscopic instruments are placed through these small incisions inside the abdomen to perform surgery. The camera transmits an image of the organs inside the abdomen onto a medical grade monitor. The surgeon is not able to see directly into the patient without the traditional large incision. The telescope becomes a surgeon’s eyes in laparoscopic surgery, since the surgeon uses the image from the video camera positioned inside the patient’s body to perform the procedure. Laparoscopic surgery is now accepted all over world as an important skill and it is no more luxury it is considered as necessity. All the good hospital of world is now equipped with laparoscopic surgery but it is important that surgeon who is doing laparoscopy should be qualified.

modern equipments India,foreign trained surgeons,foreign laparoscopy surgeons Benefits of laparoscopic procedures are

Less post operative discomfort since the incisions are much smaller

Why perform laparoscopy?

Open traditional surgery requires making a large incision, which leaves a large ugly looking scar. Laparoscopic surgery has changed that because surgeons now operate using small incisions. Even advanced surgery can be performed by this technique nowadays.

Here are a few common examples of laparoscopy?

trained laparoscopy surgeons,trained laparoscopic surgeons India,modern laparoscopy equipments India Many advanced specialized hospitals perform more complex surgeries. New tools are being invented recently and so that more operations can be done. This is an exciting area in the world of surgery and slowly becoming a necessity not luxury. Sometimes laparoscopic surgery is used just to look inside the body known as diagnostic laparoscopy. You may be having some pain or you might be suffering from infertility and your doctor may not be sure what’s wrong. By looking inside your body, the answer may be found and your surgeon can correct the problem. This is usually done after you’ve had some x-rays, Ultrasound and other non invasive tests.

Advanced laparoscopic surgery with hand-access devices

The Human hand is the best Instrument. The human hand can perform many functions during surgery that are difficult to reproduce only with laparoscopic instruments. The loss of tactile feedback and inability to place the hand into the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery has limited the use of laparoscopy for complex abdominal surgery on the pancreas, liver and bile duct. Hand-access devices like lapdisk, omniport are new laparoscopic devices that allows the surgeon to place a hand into the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery and perform many of the different functions with the hand that were previously possible only during open surgery. 

Why consider India?

Laparoscopy Surgeons in India are well known for their medical expertise. Their medical expertise combined with the modern equipments in the field of medicine brings excellent results. Indian hospitals are staffed by doctors, nurses, and interpreters who serve the special needs of international patients. Laparoscopic surgery in India has undergone tremendous change. All Laparoscopically treatable diseases are now diagnosed and referred in good time. We are now in the age of minimally invasive surgery. All essential technological advances as well as qualified personnel are available at Indian hospitals. Laparoscopy Surgeons in India work at hospitals that are world class and international patients have always enjoyed their stay at these hospitals.

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