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Endopyelotomy surgeons in India

Endopyelotomy surgeons in India are highly qualified from the U.S. and U.K and are successfully treating international patients for past couple of years. This is clear from the success rate of different treatment procedures in India, patients go back home happily after getting their treatment in India. India facilitates uninsured and underinsured American patients seeking affordable medical treatments along with an opportunity to explore mystic Asia and near by tourist locations. The treatment facilities being used in Indian surgery centers are most advanced and are of very good standard, Click the link for details of Treatment Facilities provided in India for patients’ treatment. Health care in India is comparable too much that is available in the United States, and at a far lower cost. Medical procedures in India cost approximately 20% to 30% compare to the ones in U.S. Endopyelotomy surgeons in India are experts of surgery field, also they provide treatment to patients with very good success rate. Thus many international patients are attracted to India for their surgical treatment.

Selection of an experienced Endopyelotomy surgeon plays very important role in getting safe and successful surgical treatment to your problem. Endopyelotomy surgery is done to open up a narrowing of the ureter. This is the tube that goes from patient’s kidney to patient’s bladder. A nephrostomy tube is passed through an incision in patients back into patient’s kidney. A ureteric stent is then passed through the nephrostomy tube into the ureter. This stent makes sure that urine drains from the kidney to bladder. The nephrostomy tube may be removed after patient’s stent is in place. Patient’s stent will stay in place for a few weeks. Two approaches are commonly used for Endopyelotomy; both these techniques are performed under general anesthesia. Patient will be required to stay in the hospital for couple of days following the Endopyelotomy procedure: Antegrade Endopyelotomy and Retrograde Endopyelotomy. Benefits of endopyelotomy surgery involves short hospital stay, faster recovery, less pain during post-operative period following endopyelotomy, less need for pain medication, quicker return to normal activity and work, and smaller incisions and less scarring. Risks of Endopyelotomy Surgery involves failure of the operation, excessive bleeding, infection at the operation site or the urinary tract and injury to other organs and tissues. Once you have selected an expert surgeon for your treatment then the risks involved with the surgery could be very less almost negotiable as most advanced surgical techniques are being used now days for treatment of patients. Because of there advanced facilities, many international patients are attracted to India for their low cost and safe surgical treatment.

Medical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients for their low cost and safe endopyelotomy surgeons in India. Unlike many of its competitors in medical tourism, along with World-renowned consultants and surgeons, India also has the technological sophistication and infrastructure to maintain its market niche and Indian pharmaceuticals meet the stringent requirements of the U.S. food and drug administration. Endopyelotomy surgery cost depends on the particular surgery that is being performed, its complications and also depends on specific hospitals and geographical areas and even countries. For e.g. In India Endopyelotomy surgery is performed at a very low cost, compared to countries like U.S. Patients planning to undergo endopyelotomy surgery should make sufficient inquiries to their doctor regarding the surgery, surgery procedures, risks, cost estimates and alternate treatments available etc. You can see cost difference between India and other developed countries for different treatment procedures here: Cost Comparison. Also, you can contact us for details of endopyelotomy surgeons in India here: Enquiry Form.

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