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Craniofacial surgeons in India

The surgical treatment provided by expert craniofacial surgeons in India helps patients in getting rid of all disorders that are obstacles in their path of achieving healthy life. The Craniofacial Surgery is mainly done by expert surgeons especially trained for carnio- maxillofacial surgery and involves multi specialty inter disciplinary approach. Several sessions at varying intervals may be required for the surgery. The timings of the particular surgery depend upon the nature of the defect and condition of the patient. The surgery however brings about a good change in the overall appearance. In recent years a new technique called Osteogenic Distraction has been exclusively using. In this technique an expansion device is inserted at the bony cuts where by gradual advancement of the mid face region can later be obtained. Many new and advanced treatment facilities are available now days and are successfully being used by craniofacial surgeons in India for the treatment of patients. Click the link to see different world class treatment facilities provided in these surgery centers of India here: Treatment Facilities.

Craniofacial surgery is that specialty in medicine which includes the investigation, preservation, and restoration of craniofacial form and function by medical and surgical means. The craniofacial area includes the base of the skull, the facial skeleton and underlying soft tissues, the skull vaults and the scalp. Craniofacial surgery involves repairing damage caused by serious injuries as well as congenital deformities and abnormal growths such as tumors. After appropriate assessment, surgical treatment may be recommended and this will vary considerably depending on what the particular problem is. Sometimes craniofacial surgery for deformity can be carried out without making visible scars on the face. Craniofacial surgeries carry varying degrees of risk, depending on the particular problem. Sometimes bone or cartilage grafts need to be harvested from other areas of the body such as the ribs. Congenital deformities include Clefts of the lip and palate: In these conditions, all of the parts of the lip and roof of the mouth are present, but they have failed to fuse in a normal fashion. Clefts can appear with varying severity: a cleft lip can be incomplete with a fractional notching of the lip, or complete, extending through the lip and into the nose. Ear deformities: In these conditions, the outer ear may be underdeveloped, misshaped, or completely absent. Unsuccessful Craniofacial treatment can lead to serious functional as well as aesthetic damage. Increased intracranial can result to various functional problems. Sometimes it can also happen that a certain disfiguring defect can bring about negative effect upon the psychological and social development of the child which may retard its social development as a whole.

The surgery performed by experienced craniofacial surgeons in India is done to treat carnio facial defects. Operations to treat premature closure of cranial sutures involve a procedure known as frontal- orbital advancement. In this procedure a conservative treatment is used through the use of head bandaging or head bandaging or in other terms head positioning with special helmets. Patients - or medical tourists - as they are becoming known can book package deals which include flights, transfers, hotels, treatment and often a post-operative vacation. All these facilities and everything patients need after their arrival in India is taken care by medical tourism in India. Click for more details: Medical Tourism. The medical hot spots are Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala, Chennai and Hyderabad and getting to India is also affordable with reasonable airline deals. So, with private facilities equal to European counterparts, efficient, multilingual doctors and dentists, coupled with massive savings on craniofacial surgery in India. To know more about craniofacial surgeons in India, you can contact us here: Enquiry Form.

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