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Cost Radical Nephrectomy surgery in India

Treatment options available in India are most advanced and are available at very low cost compared to that of the cost of these surgical treatments in other developed countries like the U.S. and U.K. Many patients travel to India for their low cost Radical Nephrectomy surgery in India. These available facilities highly qualified and experienced surgeons and very less cost of surgical treatment makes India an ideal destination for patients seeking treatment for their problems. Click the link to see detailed information about different world class Treatment Facilities being used now days in India’s best surgery centers which are in most prominent cities at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Patients from other countries get their surgery done in India easily with assistance of medical tourism in India, their complete medical tour in India is planned by medical tourism in India only, and also, they help patients in selecting an expert surgeon and surgery center for their Radical Nephrectomy surgery in India.

It is a surgical procedure to remove an entire kidney, nearby adrenal gland and lymph nodes, and other surrounding tissue. Nephrectomy has many indications, for both simple and radical approaches. A simple nephrectomy is indicated in patients with irreversible kidney damage due to symptomatic chronic infection, obstruction, calculus disease, or severe traumatic injury. Simple nephrectomy is also indicated to treat renovascular hypertension due to non-correctable renal artery disease or severe unilateral parenchyma damage caused by nephrosclerosis, pyelonephritis, reflux dysplasia, or congenital dysplasia of the kidney. Radical nephrectomy is the treatment of choice for localized renal cell carcinoma. In certain circumstances, radical nephrectomy is also indicated to treat locally advanced RCC and metastatic RCC. It is surgical removal of kidney, along with its collecting system i.e. renal pelvis and ureter. Kidney removal is performed on patients with severe kidney damage from disease, injury, or congenital conditions. These include cancer of the kidney; polycystic kidney disease; and serious kidney infections. It is also used to remove a healthy kidney from a donor for the purposes of kidney transplantation. It may involve removing a small portion of the kidney or the entire organ and surrounding tissues. In partial Nephrectomy, only the diseased or infected portion of the kidney is removed. It involves removing the entire kidney, a section of the tube leading to the bladder, the gland that sits atop the kidney, and the fatty tissue surrounding the kidney. A simple procedure performed for living donor transplant purposes requires removal of the kidney and a section of the attached ureter. Possible complications of this procedure include infection, bleeding and post-operative pneumonia. There is also the risk of kidney failure in a patient with impaired function or disease in the remaining kidney. After the surgery, the kidney on the opposite side compensates for the loss of one kidney and undergoes hypertrophy urine production is about 75 - 80% close to normal. You can lead a normal life with one kidney and have your kidney tumor removed by surgery. There is shorter hospital stay, less pain and quicker recovery.

Medical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients for their low cost and comfortable surgical treatment in India. Click the link for detailed information of Medical Tourism in India. The cost of different surgical procedures in India is very less compared to that of its cost in other developed countries; this low cost of treatment in India doesn’t affect the quality standard of treatment as the low cost of Indian rupee in international currency market is the main reason for its cost reduction. You can get Radical Nephrectomy surgery in India without any risk involved in the process, as the surgery is performed in these surgery centers of India by most experienced surgeons of India who are highly qualified from the U.S. and Canada. You can contact us for detailed information of Radical Nephrectomy surgery in India, by filling up an enquiry form here: Enquiry Form

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