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Cost Breast cancer surgery in India

Cancer surgery centers of India have achieved many big things in the field of cancer surgery. Also, most advanced surgical techniques have been made available for the treatment of patients. This is the main reason for very good success rate of breast cancer surgery in India. Statistically, breast cancer is supposed to be more common among unmarried women; those who are married, but have not had children; and those who have had children, but did not breast feed their babies. Literature does show correlation of smoking, alcohol drinking and high fat intake to the causation of breast cancer and this probably explains its etiological relationship to a modern lifestyle and environment. This probably also explains the increased incidence of breast cancer among women residing in metropolitan cities of India, where a Western lifestyle seems to be taking hold. For past couple of years, these surgery centers of India are treating patients successfully with the provision of very good treatment facilities and with very good comfort. You can see detailed information here: Treatment Facilities. From this link you can get detailed information about facilities provided by these centers for breast cancer surgery in India.

Breast cancer is a cancer that starts in the cells of the breast in men and women. Worldwide, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer and the fifth most common cause of cancer death. Worldwide, breast cancer is by far the most common cancer amongst women, with an incidence rate more than twice that of colorectal cancer

And cervical cancer and about three times that of lung cancer. However breast cancer mortality worldwide is just 25% greater than that of lung cancer in women. The incidence of breast cancer varies greatly around the world, being lower in less-developed countries and greatest in the more-developed countries. The first symptom or subjective sign, of breast cancer is typically a lump that feels different than the surrounding breast tissue. Lumps found in lymph nodes located in the armpits and collarbone can also indicate breast cancer. Indications of breast cancer other than a lump may include changes in breast size or shape, skin dimpling, nipple inversion, or spontaneous single-nipple discharge. Pain is an unreliable tool in determining the presence of breast cancer, but may be indicative of other breast-related health issues such as mastodynia. When breast cancer cells invade the dermal lymphatics, small lymph vessels in the skin of the breast, its presentation can resemble skin inflammation and thus is known as inflammatory breast cancer. Occasionally, breast cancer presents as metastatic disease, that is, cancer that has spread beyond the original organ. Metastatic breast cancer will cause symptoms that depend on the location of metastasis. More common sites of metastasis include bone, liver, lung and brain. Unexplained weight loss can occasionally herald an occult breast cancer, as can symptoms of fevers or chills. Bone or joint pains can sometimes be manifestations of metastatic breast cancer, as can jaundice or neurological symptoms. These symptoms are "non-specific," meaning they can also be manifestations of many other illnesses. With breast cancer surgery this disorder can be completely overcome. As the surgical procedure of breast cancer is very complex thus it requires an expert surgeon for the treatment.

Women in the United States have the highest incidence rates of breast cancer in the world; breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second-most common cause of cancer death. Because the breast is composed of identical tissues in males and females, breast cancer also occurs in males. Incidences of breast cancer in men are very much less common than in women, but men with breast cancer are considered to have the same statistical survival rates as women. The cost of breast cancer surgery in India is very less compared to that of the cost of the same in abroad cancer surgery hospitals. The low cost of Indian rupee at the international currency market is playing a vital role in reducing the cost of cancer surgery procedures in India as compared to that being paid higher money to western country cancer surgery hospitals for the same surgical treatment. There is a huge cost difference between India and other developed countries for different for different treatment procedures. You can see this cost comparison here: Cost Comparison. Different advance payment options are available, these advance payment options include paying money through pay-pal account, bank wire transfer apart from credit card payments, traveler’s check are also acceptable. You can save up to 60% of your money by getting your cancer surgery in India. For detailed information related to low cost breast cancer surgery in India, you can contact us by filling up an enquiry form here: Enquiry Form.

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