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Cost Aneurysm Surgery in India

A brain aneurysm, also called a cerebral or intracranial aneurysm, is an abnormal bulging outward of one of the arteries in the brain. It is estimated that up to one in 15 people in the United States will develop a brain aneurysm during their lifetime. Surgical treatment for the correction of this disorder involves certain complications which can be handled by expertness of surgeons; in India most experienced surgeons are available for performing aneurysm surgery, thus the success rate of Aneurysm surgery in India is very good. The cost of Aneurysm surgery in India is very less compared to that of its cost in other developed countries. You can see this cost difference between India and other developed countries for different treatment procedures here: Cost Comparison. This low cost of surgical treatment in India doesn’t affect the quality standard of treatment as the low cost of Indian rupee in international currency market is the main reason for its cost reduction.

A Stroke is the ultimate "Brain Attack." It can strike the young, healthy, productive head of a household during a soft, shared moment with a spouse -- anytime. Nothing is more frightening. In men, surgery is typically recommended for abdominal aortic aneurysms that are causing symptoms or that are 5.5 cm or larger in diameter. In women, surgery may be recommended for smaller aneurysms. Some doctors perform surgery when the aneurysm is smaller, although the risk of rupture is considered low for aneurysms less than 5.5 cm in diameter. Surgery is also recommended for small aneurysms that have grown more than .5 cm within 6 months. The decision to have surgery, delay surgery, or not have surgery at all depends on other factors also. These factors may include older age or medical problems that make surgery more dangerous. Both traditional surgery and endovascular aortic repair are used to treat aortic aneurysms. Talk to your doctor about which surgery is best for you. If you have surgery, your doctor will make a large cut in your chest or belly. Then, your aneurysm will be removed and the damaged portion of your blood vessel will be replaced with a man-made graft. This is a complex surgical procedure which involves certain complications, but with expertness of surgeon you can avoid all these complications and get your treatment done safely. Some aortic aneurysms can be repaired without traditional surgery, using endovascular aortic repair. A tube called a stent graft is inserted through an artery in the groin. The stent graft makes a bridge between the healthy parts of the aorta. Although this procedure works well right away, experts do not know enough about its long-term effects. Because of this, you will need regular X-rays or CT scans for as long as you have the graft.

Medical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients for their safe and successful Aneurysm surgery in India. Because of the availability of most advanced treatment facilities, expert surgeons and most importantly very less cost of surgical treatment, many international patients select India as a destination for their surgical treatment. Many new and advanced payment options are available for payment of surgical treatment in Indian surgery centers. These payment options include paying money through western union money transfer, pay pal account; traveler’s cheques are also accepted. Because of most advanced Treatment Facilities. Aneurysm surgery in India is considered to be one of the safest surgeries to get. Because of this, the success rate of this surgery is very good in India and patients get their surgical treatment done safely and comfortably. You can contact us for details of low cost Aneurysm surgery in India by filling up an enquiry form here: Enquiry Form

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