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  Bariatric Surgery in India offered at Economical Budget at Hospitals of Goa

Economic Bariatric surgery in India is offered at internationally accredited hospitals of Goa that too at cost saving budget. Hospitals in Goa are equipped with a tremendous staff of skilled and experienced nurses, technologists and surgeons who are committed to providing the most advanced and compassionate in-patient and out-patient care. It is increasingly attracting patients from U.K. and rest of the world. Goa is an interesting location for getting your health propped up and getting those long postponed surgeries done. You have modern facilities, short waiting times and very affordable prices for Bariatric surgery, hospital services and medicines. On top of that you will probably recover much faster, with a holiday in an exotic location added as a bonus. Bariatric surgery in India at hospitals of Goa is performed by the most experienced surgeons with efficient results.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is an option to alleviate debilitating diseases caused by morbid obesity. Patients who intend to undergo this surgery must be highly motivated. They must be able to adhere to diet, exercise, and medical guidelines for the rest of their lives after surgery.

There are several types of Bariatric surgery available, but they fall into three basic categories. Adjustable gastric banding, or vertical bandedgastroplasty (VBG), is designed to reduce the size of the stomach with the use of an adjustable silicon band. The weight loss is achieved by limiting the amount of food and liquids the patient can ingest.

Indications for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an option in severely obese patients, where lifestyle/medication have been evaluated but found not to be effective. Surgery can be combined with other treatments. Referrals are usually made via a specialist obesity management service.There are clear guidelines from NICE about who should be considered for bariatric surgery.


Young people

Surgery is not generally recommended as it is fraught with ethical issues and the potential long-term benefits and complications are not yet known.  However, NICE suggests that it may be considered in exceptional circumstances, if:

Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Follow-up Care for Bariatric Surgery

After Bariatric surgery, during the first year, patients meet from two to four times with a member of their health care team and a psychologist. Team members work to help patients make long-term lifestyle changes. Some people may develop additional eating problems after surgery.

The Bariatric surgery alone will not help someone lose weight and keep it off. Surgery, together with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet and daily exercise, will help someone lose weight and maintain the weight loss. Following the guidelines about food choices and level of physical activity is very important. Behavioral therapy focuses on behaviors that get in the way of losing and keeping off weight.

Why Goa?

Goa is very well prepared to service foreigners when it comes to health care. Bariatric surgery in India is preferred because of infrastructure and technology in which India is at par with developed countries and has some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world with the best facilities. Outcome of the surgery is best as the surgeons are well versed in treating international patients and have much experience in their respective fields.  Apart from the best services patients are benefited from low cost.

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