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Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

Overweight requires long-term management. The goal of overweight treatment is to lose weight and to improve or to eliminate health related problems or the risk for them. Regular exercise is, of course, helpful in losing weight and improving your health. A physically active person can exercise but the important thing is proper way of exercising. Being physically active, more than “exercise”, is important for maintaining the lost weight. If we think a proper way of weight loss treatment it consists of modifying eating behaviors, physical activity, monitoring your behavior, such as understanding what may trigger you to eat. If this treatment does not help to lose weight, medications may be considered. In severe cases surgical procedures can reduce the size of the stomach and limit how may calories the intestines absorb. Gastric bypass surgery is designed to help the weight loss both by restrictive and malabsorptive means. The cost required for gastric bypass surgery in India is exceptionally low as compared to any western country. Gastric bypass surgery in India is available in many leading hospitals located at Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta.

It is easier to understand how gastric bypass surgery works once you understand how the digestive system works. Gastric Bypass or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery reduces the capacity of the stomach by creating a small stomach pouch. The small space holds only one ounce of fluid. The procedure also constructs a tiny stomach outlet, which slows the speed by which food leaves your stomach. So you will feel full after eating a small amount and you will stay satisfied for a long time. When we swallow, food passes through the esophagus into the stomach. It is in the stomach where preliminary digestion takes place. This occurs in two ways. First, the stomach helps to grind the food to paste. Also present in the stomach are digestive juices and acid. These digestive juices begin “preliminary” digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats turning the food into a paste called chyme. The chyme then passes slowly into the small intestine. In the small intestine foods are fully digested. Small particles of food called sugars, amino acids and triglycerides are then absorbed across the intestinal wall into the blood stream. Vitamins and minerals are also absorbed from the small intestine. Undigested food, such as fiber and other body waste products, then pass along to the large intestine where they are made into solid waste and excreted from the body.

Why always think about India, when the question arises about medical treatment at low cost with world class hospitality. Because patients get an opportunity to have their weight loss treatment in India at low cost with worlds class hospitality and at the same time they also bring the dream of enjoying Indian holiday destinations which has no match across the world So the combination of world class hospitality, low cost, advanced technology for medical treatment and Indian heritage are appealing to abroad obesity patients.

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