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Dr. Mohammed - Nigeria
Medical Checkup in India

Annual Health Check in India – A Blend of Vacation and Well Being

annual health check India, annual health check, annual health check Nigeria, affordable annual health check Annual Health Check in India by foreign patients has become a new norm for them to blend a vacation and well being. The fact that drives the foreign patients to this Annual Health Check in India is an easy access to a high end consultation and complete body check ups leading to tangible solutions coming at quiet affordable rates. We at Forerunners Healthcare group have been instrumental in arranging such check ups one can wish and aspire for. While foreign patients coming down to India enjoy their time visiting tourist places of rich Indian Heritage and take mesmerizing memories with them. Unlike others, Dr. Mohammed from Nigeria also visited for his Annual Health Check in India. He shares his experience with us.

To begin with, I am Dr. Mohammed, I am from Nigeria. Recently, I had my Annual Health Check in India at country’s finest hospital in New Delhi. It was needed badly since I was really bugged by a couple of medical issues to which I could not find any answer back at Nigeria. However, I tired my best getting a suitable place of good doctors who can actually have my Health Check up to trace the problems lying inside me. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, I could see a huge dearth of proper healthcare amenities at my home town and so in the vicinity area, this led me think of an option trying abroad; hence I discussed with few of my friends and relatives who had sorted out their problems through Annual Health Check in India.

After some research I discovered couple of links and websites indicating ample information in this regard. Apart from a couple of medical providers, I found that Annual Health Check in India managed by Forerunners Healthcare Group is quite affordable and lucrative. The cost for various health checkups and tests were within my budget, while I was amazed by the packages they offered for their Annual Health Check in India. The package was incredible affordable. I decided to contact Forerunners Healthcare Group since my health issues seemed troubling me which included my knee pain and it needed quick examine and treatment. I got a call the next morning from their executive, informing about the Annual Health Check in India giving complete detail about these tests conducted by medical experts including high profile doctors and prolific surgeons. Without a second thought, I fixed my plan and thus soon booked my tickets to move for my Annual Health Check in India.

When I reached for my Complete Health Assessment in India I was pleased to get a competent service from the Forerunners Healthcare team, who helped us throughout my stay. I was impressed by their quality of service and excellent customer centric efforts to alleviate my pain. During my Annual Health Check in India, my doctor performed the test which included in house tests, like Biological terrain analysis, Stool test, Urinalysis, Endothelial assessment, Heidelberg gastric test, Heart rate variability assessment etc. While also had my Radiology tests which included the ultrasound of pelvic and abdominal. Fortunately, these tests results came positive and nothing to worry about, however, due to my back pain, I had to go through some relevant tests like Blood test and Cholesterol screening and cardiovascular tests through EKG and X-ray, which disclosed that I require a back surgery to get rid of my back pain. Now with a very good Complete Health Assessment in India I have a fair idea where I need to land in. The Annual Health Check in India was one of the most accurate decisions, now I know about the exact problems which can help me to decide my further course of action.

I was really satisfied by the arrangements made by the medical consultant- Forerunners healthcare Group for my Annual Health Check in India and besides this, I also had the chance to visit some tourist places of Delhi like the Red Fort and Kutub Minar, also got the opportunity to do some shopping for my family members and few friends. I am thankful to Forerunners Healthcare for providing the care and also thankful to all the dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists, aides and the other staffs who treated me during my Annual Health Check in India. And apart from this, I also thank them for arranging things for me to see and explore India and the beautiful sights in and around the city. In this way, I not only got a solution to my medical ailment but also got the time to refresh myself while moving around the natural beauty found near Delhi.

Thank you,
Dr. Mohammed

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