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Abroad Patient for Cosmetic Surgery at Hyderabad in India

Many patients come from abroad to India for cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad. Noor from Malaysia is one of them, who came here and had a marvelous experience during the surgery. She told us “During my research, I had read information about many medical tourism companies and the treatment procedure they arranges for abroad patient. I called upon many consultancies and asked if they could arrange my cosmetic surgery with the most experienced surgeons in Malaysia. But the cost they told me was highly unaffordable. I did some more research on the Internet and found that Dr. Bojwani and Forerunnershealthcare, one of the most highly regarded medical tourism consultancy in India. . . I contacted Dr. Bojwani and told him about my case. I was very happy that being an abroad patient he arranged my cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad in India so well. The procedure took very little time – I spent one night at the hospital. There was no pain, neither during the surgery, nor after, during the recuperation period. It has been about some time I had the procedure and my doctor told me that I m fine after my last checkup. I have had no symptoms, no pain and no problems what so ever. Thanks are to God and the expertise of Dr. Bojwani and the entire team of Forerunnershealthcare for my cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad in India. I have experienced minimal side effects overall and I am on the road to full recovery.” For those of you who wish to gather information on patients going to abroad like India for cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad, can have a great benefit by reading this testimonial.

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