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Varicocoelectomy surgery in India

Hi! Its Obayana from Nigeria. I was in India for my Varicocoelectomy surgery through forerunners health care consultants. I was having dull ache in one testicle, swelling and heavy feeling in the scrotum. I consulted my family doctor. After taking all my tests he told me that because of these problems it may that I can suffer infertility. It was very shocking news for me. My doctor suggested me to visit India for further treatment and given me number of forerunners consultants. I contacted with them and send them all my case details. They were very good in communication that I was feeling very relaxed after talking with them. They told me that I had to undergo Varicocoelectomy surgery in India that improves sperm parameters and restores fertility. They had given me surgery dates very soon which was really not possible in US and UK. Patients never get surgery dates easily in US and UK.

I was in India exactly after two days for my Varicocoelectomy surgery in India. The hospital where I was admitted was really beautiful. The surgeon there was very much concerned about me and also very kind. Before surgery he had consulted me well regarding my surgery. The hospital where I was admitted was really high-tech. They had surgeons qualified and trained from abroad. The staff was also unexceptional.

Everything gone very well right from my first footstep in India upto my leave. It was all possible due to hard work and dedication of forerunnershealthcare consultants. I want to thanks forerunnershealthcare consultants for providing me such a kindly support and special thanks to Dr.Bojwani and my surgeon who has operated me. After my varicocoelectomy surgery in India my life in Nigeria is really beautiful.

Thank you forerunners health care consultants!

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