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US patient’s cheap Angioplasty in India

Hi this is Maria from US. I was lucky to have Forerunners Healthcare consultants for my Angioplasty in India. I had a blockage of an artery due to narrowing and hardening of blood vessels. My doctor recommended me angioplasty as soon as possible. But the cost of the medical treatment was very high top afford. Then my friend told me about this company as her cousin underwent her surgery there. Dr. Bojwani helped me a lot. He answered all my queries within an hour. His facility is first rate. I came to India for Angioplasty and believe me the facilities provided by the consultants were just amazing. The surgeons were very good, highly professional and amazing. The hospital room was spacious and clean. The therapy rooms were well organized. The food was very good. But the real treasure was the staff. The medical treatment I received was first class indeed. I did my trip for Angioplasty in India at 50 % less than the cost available at USA, UK. I would highly recommend Forerunnershealthcare consultants for angioplasty in India. A sincere thanks to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani

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