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UK Citizen’s Esophageal Resection Surgery in India

Oliver from UK came to India for esophageal resection surgery in India and told that he had unforgettable memories during this trip. He came to know that he had cancer of the esophagus and before the cancer could spread (metastasized) to the stomach or other organs it should be treated as soon as possible. He was on early stage of cancer. He was unable to get the treatment there due to long waiting list, no immediate appointment with surgeons, medical insurance and several issues in UK. Then one day he came to know about Forerunnershealthcare consultants in India for esophageal resection surgery through his neighbour. Because through that company patients don’t have to wait for getting medical treatment, without any health insurance. So his wife quickly contacted to Dr. Bojwani and got all the guidance and information, which was needed to come to India for the surgery. They had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bojwani. Oliver told us “Dr. Bojwani was the best I have ever come across”. They decided to come here for the treatment. He and his wife came to India for esophageal resection surgery as instructed by the consultants. The surgeon gave Oliver some pre and postoperative instructions before surgery. He told “The nurses take well care of mine during the recovery period. The staff too was patient, knowledgeable, professional, ethical and diligent. To top it all, they charged us not a single cent more than he would his other patients. I have no hesitation recommending him to members of my own family. I hope other abroad visitors will benefit from Forerunnershealthcare as well. Thanks to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for my esophageal resection surgery in India”.

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