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Surgery for Crohn’s disease in India

It is Lisa from UK saying hello to you! I came for my surgery of crohn’s disease in India. I was primarily having ulcerations of the large and small intestine. But this disease affects the digestive system anywhere from mouth to anus. So, my digestive system was also affected. I was very much upset by it. I contacted to forerunners consultants as I already had my Blepharoplasty treatment with forerunners consultants. My surgery was a big success. Therefore I decided to have my surgery from here in India through forerunners consultants as the cost of crohn’s disease surgery in India was really less as compared to US and UK. I send them all my case details and within a day I got surgery dates. Here in India medical tourists get surgery dates very easily, which is really not possible in US and UK.

I was in India with my friend for my crohn’s disease surgery . We both were very much pleased by the services provided by the forerunners consultant. We were taken directly to the hotel which was booked for us. It was really marvelous. The atmosphere there was really pleasant and attractive. Then we went to the hospital and met with the surgeon who was going to operate me. He was looking very much professional and having expertise in the field of granulomatous enteritis. He was very much caring. Before surgery he consulted me that help me to avoid unnecessary fear of surgery.

I would like to thanks my surgeon who operated me and also Dr. Bojwani for providing me timely guidance. I am also thankful to everyone there, right from nurses to surgeon for making my crohn’s disease surgery in India a big success. I am very much thankful to forerunners consultants!

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