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Experience Splenectomy Surgery India

I am Mr. Ugo Swai from Zambia. I came for my Splenectomy surgery in India through Forerunners HealthCare consultants and got the best of medical facilities. Before my surgery I to experience many problems due to my enlarged spleen like I had frightful pain in my left stomach, shoulder and back. I always wanted to undergo a surgery but I was confused about whom to consult. Then one day a co worker came for a visit and I told him about my entire problem.

He told me that I will not get good medical facilities in our country and I will have to find for good and affordable medical facilities in India as India is the pioneer in giving good and economical medical services. So I started searching for good and economical medical service providers in India and came across Forerunners HealthCare consultants and stopped with them as I had heard about this medical tourism company before. So I enquired about my problem with them and was contacted back. I told the entire problem which I was facing and they replied me back with all the information related to my surgery. Then I went to India to undergo my Splenectomy surgery in India with reputed surgeons and in very good hospital. I got the best of medical services for my Splenectomy surgery in India. . I am very happy and feel very comfortable after my surgery. I have undergone a very good experience in India. It was really a fruitful trip being to India. After my Splenectomy surgery in India I don’t have any pains and I am living my life happily. I want to thank the doctor for providing me such a treatment for my Splenectomy surgery in India and I would recommend any person to get their surgery done through this medical company in India to get the best medical services at the most affordable cost.

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