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Parent Testimonial for Spinal Bifida Surgery India

I am Mr. Fahd Fuhain from Pakistan and I came for my son’s Spinal Bifida surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare consultants. Today I am very happy and I thank the doctor, the staff and the medical tourism company as they have provided me the best of medical services, helped me and guided me through out the process for my son’s Spinal Bifida surgery in India. The doctor is a real genius and true artist of a human body due to which my child has been cured.

When my child was born I was so happy but with that happiness some sadness was there in my mind because my child had a disorder in the spine and it was coming out from the skin. I was very scared about my child and I was thinking that will he survive or not. So I was searching for a good medical service provider and wanted my child to undergo a surgery in a cost effective manner. But I was unable to find a good and affordable medical service provider in our country. Before the surgery I had heard about Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani consultants and good medical service providers from India. So I enquired about my child’s Spinal Bifida surgery in India and was pleased to see their quotes. Then I took my baby to India and got his successful surgery done through them in India. After the surgery I am so happy to get the results as my son is not suffering from any disorder now. In India we also went to visit many places like the temples and mosques. Then I went back to my country and every body was very happy to see my child normal. I am really very thankful to the doctor for providing my son such good services for my son’s Spinal Bifida surgery in India.

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