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Pheochromocytoma surgery in India at Bangalore

Hello! I am Jeeves from Maldives came to India for Pheochromocytoma surgery in India at Bangalore through forerunners health care consultants. It was really shocking for me when I was diagnosed by this disease. I was just blank at that time. I was just thinking about something which help me to get rid of it. Thanks to God ! on the same day I met my friend who had her salivary gland cancer surgery in India through forerunners consultants. She told me everything about her surgery and also told about her holiday package. So, I decided to have my Pheochromocytoma surgery here in India. I contacted with the Director of the company Dr.Bojwani. He told me every this and how of the surgery.

A pheochromocytoma surgery hospital in India at Bangalore where I was admitted was fabulous. The staff was really helping and makes me feel like my natives. The surgeon who was going to treat me was also very kind and helping. I was feeling very much relaxed after my Pheochromocytoma surgery in India at Bangalore. The atmosphere of the hospital was very much pleasant. Even after surgery I got regular feedback from the surgeon that helped me to have easy recovery and avoided complications. When I was leaving from Maldives I was very much confused about my decision at that time but after surgery I recognize that my decision was definitely correct.

I went to simla for my holiday tour after my Pheochromocytoma surgery in India at Bangalore. It was really a nice tour. I enjoyed it too much. I was just having a new life which was really free from pain and discomfort. I am really happy that I had taken right decision on time. I am also thankful to forerunners health care consultants for providing me such a nice tour and such a fantastic care and comfort. So, I am suggesting to all that persons who are suffering from major diseases and not having any way out for curing that disease to contact once with forerunners consultant. It will really help you.

Special thanks to Dr.Bojwani and the surgeon who underwent my surgery and the whole staff.

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