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Patient Experience Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery Bangalore India

I am Mrs. Britney from South Africa and I came for my Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery in Bangalore India through Forerunners HealthCare consultants. A simple thanks to Forerunners HealthCare consultants is not enough after getting the best medical facilities and services in India through them. Before the surgery I experienced many problems.

I was experiencing immense chest pain and shortness of breath, profuse sweating, and nausea, indigestion and jaw ache. So I always wanted to get rid of this disorder. Being a computer administrator in South Africa I did an extensive research here to say if I can find a better alternative. But actually according to my research there is no standardization in our country according to the hygiene norms. Then one day a relative of mine told me about the medical tourism companies in India and also told that she had undergone a Goitre surgery through them in India and was really very happy with the results. Then I also enquired them for my surgery in India and they provided me with all the information regarding my surgery in India. I was impressed as they responded very frequently and were really concerned about my Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery in Bangalore India. Now after my surgery I am very happy with the results and I am now able to live my life properly after the surgery. I think that this is the best alternative for anyone to undergo any surgery as it is very affordable and you get the best of services and facilities here. After my Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery in Bangalore India I went to visit some beautiful temples in India to thank the god to cure me and to pray that nobody should ever suffer from such a disease. I want to thank this medical tourism company for providing me such good services for my Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery in Bangalore India.

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