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Ovarian cyst surgery in India at Delhi

It is Anny from UK talking to you. I came to India for my ovarian cyst surgery in India at Delhi harmonized by forerunnershealthcare consultants. I was very much uncomfortable by this and was having delayed, irregular or unusually painful periods, dull ache, pressure in the abdomen. I was very much disturbed by it. It was really a painful condition for me. I contacted to forerunnershealthcare consultants and told all my problems to them. They assure me of the recovery. The cost of the ovarian cyst surgery in India at Delhi was under my means and at UK the waiting lines were more. So, I decided to fly to India for my surgery.

I was in India within few days and was admitted to one of the renowned ovarian cyst surgery hospitals in India at Delhi. Due to privatization and globalization the surgeons who went to US are coming back in India and are having expertise in this field. The hospital is having trained doctors from abroad. My surgery was a big success. I was very much satisfied by the surgery, the cyst was safely eliminated. Then I was having regular periods. I am glad that I had taken right decision without delay.

I went to Goa for a holiday tour, the beaches there was really fabulous. I liked it so much that I will definitely go there again. I really liked the concept of treatment along with vacationing. It just gives change to a life. It is really a great package of treatment and vacationing. I am really thankful to forerunnershealthcare consultants for providing me proper guidance and care during my ovarian cyst surgery in India at Delhi. Just because of them I am able today to have this life!

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