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Low Cost Renal Cell Cancer Surgery Hyderabad India

I am Mr. Pacifica from Fiji. I came for my Renal Cell Cancer Surgery in Hyderabad India through Forerunners HealthCare consultants. Before my Surgery I was suffering from many problems like I have experienced blood in urine, brownish urine and vision problems. I also saw excessive hair growth and I anyhow wanted to get rid of all these problems but as our country lacks good medical infrastructure I was not able to find good medical service providers in India.

So I started searching for good medical service providers on the internet and came across many medical tourism companies and started to enquire and talk to three of them including Forerunners HealthCare consultants. Because how can we have faith in any person by meeting them on the internet. Then as the conversation went on I started gaining faith in this medical tourism company because their quotes were also quite affordable, they were also very concerned about my surgery and I got a good reply when I enquired about this medical tourism company with the Indian embassy. So I fixed my appointment with the doctor and then came for my Renal Cell Cancer Surgery in Hyderabad India. There in India I got the best possible services for my surgery under the best of care. The hospital in which I was operated was very posh and the hotel in which I stayed for the days I was in India was wonderful. After my Renal Cell Cancer Surgery in Hyderabad India I went to pray in the Hindu temple in India that nobody should get such a disease and to thank the god for curing me. This trip to India was fantabulous. If I have to undergo this surgery again then I can get it done because undergoing the surgery was not so painful as compared to leading the life with such dreadful pain and such kind of disease. I want to thank the doctor heartily for providing me the best of services for my Renal Cell Cancer Surgery in Hyderabad India.

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