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Low Cost Endometrial Cancer Surgery in Chennai India

My name is Emma and I am from Canada. I came for my Low Cost Endometrial Cancer surgery in Chennai India through Forerunners HealthCare Consultants. I had to experience a lot of problems in the last few months due to this disease. When my friend saw me suffering from such pain in my thigh and when she came to know about the other problems I was facing, she suggested me to undergo an Endometrial Cancer Surgery in India through Forerunners HealthCare Consultants. She told me that she had suggested me this medical tourism company because she had undergone a Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery through them in India and was happy with the results. Then I also contacted and enquired them about my surgery and sent my details to the consultant company. The associates of the company were really prompt and helpful. My Endometrial Cancer surgery in Chennai India was arranged within a day’s time. On the fourth day I was in India for my surgery.

On the same day of my arrival I was taken straight to the hospital by Mr. James, the customer relations officer in India, to meet the Endometrial Cancer surgeon to discuss my case. The surgeon was brilliant; he gave me all the details regarding my Endometrial Cancer surgery in Chennai India. I am thankful to Forerunners HealthCare consultants for providing me their excellent services. The hospital was very beautiful. Mr. James has helped me through out my surgery and has never made me feel lonely. I am very happy with the results after the treatment provided by the Indian surgeon associated to Forerunners HealthCare. I was provided with the best medical facilities before and after my surgery. I will be happy to come back to India for any further treatment through Forerunners HealthCare Consultants. All the services provided by them were fantabulous and whenever I get a chance I am going to recommend Forerunners HealthCare Consultants for Endometrial Cancer surgery in Chennai India. Forerunners HealthCare consultants are having a great future ahead all my best wishes are with them.

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